Sun. Jun 13th, 2021
Idoo Secure Disc Creator v6.0.0 Crack


Software Description: Idoo Secure Disc Creator v6.0.0 Keygen Crack

idoo Secure Disc Creator is the best DVDburning software to encrypt DVDs. You may set the size of thesecure and public areas according to your own needs. The securearea cannot be accessed without the correct password while thepublic area can be read normally. The encrypted DVD can be used onany PC without needing to install any additional programs.

Reliability and Full Protection
This DVD encryption software adopts the federal security standardsand the latest AES256 algorithm. It converts plain text intodigital gibberish that will protect all the information on DVD.Powerful functions and easy to operate, idoo Secure Disc Creator isthe best choice to prevent confidential information breaches onyour CD/DVD.

Easy Operation
The DVD encryption software has a user-friendly interface and iseasy to operate. idoo DVD encryption software is the best DVDburning software. Once encrypted, all data in the secure area willbe fully protected automatically.

– Adopts the federal AES256 algorithm
– User sets the size of the secure and public area
– Easily creates ISO image files
– Encrypted DVDs can be read on any PC upon entering correctpassword

Installer Size: 5.13 MB

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