Mon. Apr 12th, 2021
NoBot v1.0.4.8 Premium Portable Crack


Software Description: NoBot v1.0.4.8 Premium Portable Crack Patch

Whether it is because you installed an application from anuntrustworthy source, you did not pay attention and added theoptional bundle along with reputable software solutions or you justdid not update your antivirus in a while, these are just a few waysmalware can make its way into your computer.

NoBot is a tiny piece of software designed to helpyou remove spyware, trackers, miners and other potentially unwantedprograms that you installed unknowingly or due to carelessness onyour system

Here are some key features of “NoBot”:
– Memory Scanning
– Registry Scanning
– Scan Hidden Startup Items
– Scan Individual Files
– Scan Scheduled Startup Tasks
– Module Injection Scanning
– VirusTotal File Analysis
– VirusTotal File Submission
– Detect Suspicious File Paths
– File Ignore/Exception Manager
– Quarantine Manager
– Scan Logs
– Automatic Updates
– Light-weight
– Fast Scanning
– Portable

Installer Size: 0.614 MB

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