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Pointstone Total Privacy v6.5.5.393 Crack


Software Description: Pointstone Total Privacy v6.5.5.393 Keygen Serial

Total Privacy is a safe and easy-to-use to useprivacy protection tool that stops all those pesky snoopers such asCookies, history, index.dat, competitors (and even your boss!) fromfinding the trail of your computer use that modern internetbrowsers and many other programs leave behind. All this can beaccomplished with a single click on the mouse, or evenautomatically!
With Total Privacy you get total confidence and peace of mind forsecure computer use by completely and permanently removing alltraces and history of your recent activity. What’s more, TotalPrivacy also helps improve and optimize your computer’sperformance. By deleting all those unnecessary temporary files,install/uninstall records and by cleaning your internet browsercache, Total Privacy will keep your computer functioning assmoothly and as quickly as it should.

Total Privacy makes use of the most advanced washing andshredding methods available today to make sure that your ownprivate business and computer use remains exactly that – private.Get more of the full story on how the power and simplicity of TotalPrivacy makes it easy for you to foil the intruders who want tocheck up on your computer activity by following the topicsbelow.

Here are some key featuers of “Pointstone TotalPrivacy”:
Extensive Areas
Remove all traces and history of your recent Windows activity.Total Privacy supports dozens of Microsoft Windows locations sothat you can control what information stays on your computer.

Browser Activity
Keep your browsers clean and running smoothly. Total Privacy nowsupports cleaning and washing for all the major and most commoninternet browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, FireFox, Mozilla,America Online and Opera).

Instant Messengers Activity
Clean and Wash away the stored history of all of your private IMconversations and file transfers kept by all of your InstantMessaging programs. Total Privacy 5.0 supports MSN Messenger, AOLIM, ICQ and Yahoo! IM.

Profiles and Automatic Cleaning Cycles
Clean and wash what you want, when you want with Total Privacy’sProfiles. Profiles can be scheduled to Wash and Clean Automatically(Profile Automation) or run at a specified event (Browser closing,Windows starting up or shutting down).

Custom Items
Over 465 plugins (custom items) are included with Total Privacy toclean and wash the files, folders, registry entries and otherevidence of your activity left behind by these programs.

Free Space Cleaner
Total Privacy can clean the free space of your hard drive to removeany unsecure and remaining remnants of files that you have deleted.Free space is unused hard drive space that is not allocated to anycurrent files. However, free space may still contain some, all orpart of files that you have deleted.

Smart Cookie Keeper
Total Privacy deletes the cookies you don’t want and lets you keepand save those you do. That way you maintain your preferredInternet settings and log-ins for all your favorite sites. CookieKeeper also maintains separate lists of cookies to keep for each ofthe supported browsers allowing you better control of what isdeleted.

Installer Size: 8.04 MB

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