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Trend Micro Antivirus Plus Security + Internet Security + Maximum Security 2015 v8.0.1133 Crack


Software Description: Trend Micro Antivirus Plus Security + Internet Security + Maximum Security 2015 v8.0.1133 Keygen Serial

Trend Micro is a straightforward and completesoftware solution worth having when you need to protect yourcomputer against viruses, malware, Trojans and any other threatslurking on the Internet.

With the help of this application you are able to identifydangerous links in websites and social networks, safeguard yourmessages and data against e-mail phishing scams, as well asoptimize computer performance.

The main window of the program is intuitive and user-friendly andallows you to scan your folders effortlessly. The ‘Security Report’section enables you to view the found threats and the websiteblocked in the past month.

Since it protects your privacy on Facebook, Twitter and Google+,Trend Micro will automatically block any website or link that mightharm your computer and personal data.

By accessing the ‘PC/Mobile’ tab, you are able to scan for threatswhen opening, saving or downloading files using the ‘PC &Internet Security’ feature, as well as recover disk space and cleanup your instant messaging history with the help of ‘SystemTuner’.

The ‘Privacy’ section enables you to turn on or off the socialnetworking protection with ease. Using this feature, you will keepyour files safe from security risks when visiting the most popularsocial networking sites. For instance, you surely noticed linksposted by your friends that redirect you to inappropriate websites,except that these links were posted without the user’s consent andhere is where Trend Micro makes the difference.

It highlights the bad websites while keeping you safe from identitythieves and malicious websites. It scans the link you want toaccess and displays a green arrow in case the website is safe.

The next section, namely ‘Data’ prevents hackers and spyware fromstealing sensitive data such as credit card numbers and bankaccounts. It can also stop children from accidentally sending outimportant data through e-mail.

After setting up a new password, you can stop your data from goinginto web pages, e-mail messages or untrustworthy websites. Simplyuse the provided categories or create your owns.

What’s more, by using Trend Micro you are able to restrict orfilter website access for kids. By navigating to the Family tab,you can limit their time on the Internet, prevent specific programsfrom running at certain time and generate detailed reports aboutwhat they accessed while they were online. Simply choose theappropriate filters, set the time limits, then manage how and whenyour family uses the web and programs on your computer.

Considering all of the above, Trend Micro proves to be a steady andeffective solution when it comes to protecting your PC and personaldata against spyware by identifying dangerous links in websites,social networks and e-mails.

Installer Size: 208 + 210 + 252 MB

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