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Abelssoft CheckDrive 2018 v1.19 Crack


Software Description: Abelssoft CheckDrive 2018 v1.20 + Activation Crack

CheckDrive is an application developed to scanthe hard-disk and repair any found errors.Pretty helpful in caseyou’re trying to fix any potential error that may occur after asystem crash, CheckDrive boasts a rather eye-appealing GUI, withall options nicely organized in tabs.Starting a new drive check isas easy as choosing the item to be scanned, while a dedicated“Information” tab shows much more useful details.
For example, it shows the hard drive name, type and size, drivename and size, hard disk health and number of partitions, filesystem and memory usage.
The scanning process doesn’t take more than a few minutes andyou’re highly recommended to avoid working on the computer beforethe task comes to an end. CheckDrive is most of the time aresource-friendly application, so it doesn’t affect the overallstability of the system.

A few settings are also available to enable the so-called“Background Guard”, which monitors your system condition andautomatically starts a drive check at a configured userinterval.
CheckDrive gets along very well with all Windows versions andalthough it was designed to perform such an important task, itdoesn’t require more than basic computer knowledge.
To sum up, CheckDrive is an app that does its job very well and,what’s more, it comes with a freeware license. Only a few apps onthe market benefit from such a great set of features, so this onereally deserves a shot.

Check hard disks for errors
CheckDrive offers you an easy way of checking your PCs hard drivesfor errors. Those errors can be fixed immediately if you like.

Shows drive information
CheckDrive shows info about your drives and determins if your harddrive needs to be cleaned or defragmented.

Monitors hard disks in real-time
The CheckDrive Background Guard monitors all the time the values ofyour hard drives and alerts you immediately after an error hasoccured. So you know right away, if something is wrong with yourhard drive.

Plus version: Automatic Verification
CheckDrive can automatically check your hard drive(s) upon request.Using the integrated task scheduler, you can set the check intervaland simultaneously activate the task. All with just one click.

Even more information with FolderVisualizer
Get more information about the used disk space. Just startFolderVisualizer directly out of CheckDrive.

Installer Size: 7.23 MB

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