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Active Uneraser Pro v9.0 Crack


Software Description: Active Uneraser Pro v9.0 Crack

[email protected] UNERASER is an advanced softwareprogram that helps with the recovery of data from NTFS, FAT and EXTfile systems, being able to restore files from deleted orre-formatted partitions.
The utility works with IDE, SATA, eSATA, SCSI, SSD, USB, ZIP,floppy disks, and camera cards.
It allows you to recover exFAT, NTFS+EFS, Apple HFS+, LinuxExtFS/BtrFS, and Unix UFS file systems. Plus, you can restorevolumes created in DOS, Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003,Vista, 2008, 7, and 8.

User interface
The GUI looks well structured but you still need to reserve someextra time to studying the program’s features because there are alot of options to look into. A thorough help manual can be accessedin case you have any questions regarding the tool’s setupparameters.

Different scan modes
You can carry out a quick scan in order to detect files, foldersand partitions that were recently deleted. In case you are not in ahurry, you may enable the SuperScan process for analyzing deletedand damaged volumes.
When the aforementioned scan methods fail into detecting thedeleted or damaged partitions you look for, you can activate theLastChance option in order to recover files by theirsignatures.

Filters and preview options
You can search for files using filters, such as file types (e.g.DOCX, MP3, AVI, JPG), creation, modification and last access date,size, and ID.
[email protected] UNERASER helps you preview files before recovering them.You can check out images (e.g. BMP, DIB, GIF, JPG, PCX, ICO, PNG),while document types can be previewed using an external viewer orthe built-in HEX/text viewer.

Extra tools to play with
Before fixing any problems with your partitions, you should knowthat the app offers support for an automatic backup mode. This way,you can roll back any changes made to your partitions in casesomething doesn’t go according with the plan.
You are allowed to fix damaged master boot record (MBR) or GUIDPartition Table (GPT), fix damaged partition (volume) boot sector,re-create deleted or damaged disk array (RAID) virtually, andcreate a disk image.

Built-in disk editor
The utility offers support for an advanced tool designed to helpyou view and edit sectors of physical disks, partitions andcontents of any file type. The disk editor enables you to analyzefile headers and disk data (raw sectors).
You can check out information in binary and text modes at the sametime, make use of templates for parsing and displaying bootsectors, directory entries and MFT records, navigate to a certainarea of a boot sector (e.g. FAT, partition table), and search databy ANSI, HEX or Unicode pattern.

Reliable recovery app
To make a long story short, [email protected] UNERASER proves to be of greathelp in case you want to recover lost or deleted data. Thecomprehensive feature pack makes it suitable especially forprofessional users.

– Recover lost data on all DOS / Windows systems whether FAT orNTFS partitioning
– Undelete compressed, fragmented, sparse and encrypted files onNTFS
– Recover deleted files with long file names
– Undelete files with localized filenames (Unicode with non-englishcharsets)
– Unformat: recover files from formatted hard drives and USBdisks
– Unerase from raw disk images, created for backup and recoverypurposes
– Unerase files from deleted and damaged partitions and logicaldrives
– Scan hard drives and display deleted and damagedpartitions/logical drives
– View file and raw sector content with integrated Hex Viewer/DiskEditor
– Recovers files on HDD, SSD, External USB & eSATA, USB FlashDisks & Camera Cards
– Copies unerased files and folders to NTFS and exFAT-formatteddisks

Installer Size: 302.43 MB

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