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Attribute Changer v8.70 Crack


Software Description: Attribute Changer v8.70 Keygen Crack

Did you ever need to change a file’s date and time stamp?Information regarding the moment a file was created, modified oraccessed surely represented an inconvenience for you at some point.Windows makes it rather difficult to change this kind of data sohere is where Attribute Changer comes intoplay.

Once the quick install is over you can right-click on any fileor folder on your computer and select the newly added ChangeAttributes function to launch the program. It will provide you withnot only the means to adjust basic file properties such asread-only, hidden or system but also with advanced time stamptampering options.

You can use absolute date and time adjustments to make precisemodifications on file attributes by manually imputing desiredparameters, Attribute Changer allowing you to modify even thesecond a program received a time stamp.

If you just want to replace the item’s stored time stampinformation with the current time frame, you can quickly do that byusing the pop-up menu. It allows you to do that for selected fieldsonly or for all the fields in one click. A mask proves very usefulwhen you only want to change one time related item such as day forexample. Selecting its check-box and deselecting the others willonly modify information in the field you are interested in.

But if that seems like a lot of work… you should certainly usethe relative date and time adjustments. This function allows you tochange time stamps by simply typing positive or negative numbers inthe fields you are interested in and the time stamp adjustsautomatically considering the values you entered.

And that is not all it can do. Photos, if taken with a digitalcamera, are imprinted with metadata, also known as EXIFinformation. Well, Attribute Changer is able to tamper with thattoo. Moreover, the application allows you to set different timestamp parameters and use them to include or exclude files frommodifications that match a certain criteria. Thus, only filescomplying with the user-defined parameters will be modified.

Last but not least, for the time it takes to familiarize with theapplication you should use the simulation mode and avoid makingchanges you don’t really care for.

Here are some key features of “AttributeChanger”:
– Relative time adjustment now automatically adjusts date ifnecessary
– Reuse current file and folder settings (keep among sessions)
– Copy existing attribute and datetime settings between file/foldertabs
– Simulation mode
– Detailed logging

Installer Size: 5

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