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Clipboard Master v4.1.1 Crack


Software Description: Clipboard Master v4.1.1 Keygen Serial

Clipboard Master is a handy utility designed tokeep all previous texts, pictures and files copied to the clipboardin a list, for later use. Organize your text modules and snippetsand paste them in any Windows program whenever you like.

Clipboard Master includes automatic and manual collections.Paste multiple items or only the part of an item. Search within theclipboard lists. Clipboard Master is optimized for use with yourmouse and keyboard.

Configurable hotkeys can be easily used. With Clipboard Master,you can even paste in temporary edit fields such as when renaming afile in the Explorer. Clipboard lists are kept even when restartingWindows.

Here are some key features of “Clipboard Master”:
Clipboard extension:
– Stores all your textes, files and pictures copied
– to the clipboard
– Paste any item in any windows application
– Define any shortcut to show the clipbard list
– Default is + V)

Text modules/snippets:
– Store often used text snippets in Clipboard Master
– and they are available in any application with a few
– keys
– Organize them in folders

– Paste the textes etc. in any application
– This even works with temporary edit fields, such as
– when renaming a file in the windows explorer

Files and folders:
– In the explorer files and foilders are pasted asfiles/folders
– In other applications they are pasted as text

– Clipboard Master stores your pictures as well

Formatted text:
– Clipboard Master can store the text sniptted with format
– Upon pasting you can chose to paste with or without format

Excellent key navigation:
– Clipboard Master is optimized for quick pasting of anyelement.
– E.g. to insert the 3rd item, press Win + V ,3. To Insert the 4thitem
– in the folder ‘Letters’ press Win + V, Alt + L, 4
– sure, you can paste using the mouse as well

Key combinations:
– You can define your own key combination to show the clipboardlist
– or to insert any item.

– Copy n elements to the clipboard and the paste all of them withone key combiantion
– Automatic and manual collections

– Define text modules for form you have to fill in often

Special characters, Html, Hex:
– Clipboard Master can convert coded characters, e.g.
– Clipboard Master can convert to and from hexadecimal strings
– Convert to upper, lower or proper case

URL Shortener:
– Paste an URL as shortened URL (Ctrl + U)

All items are kept even when restarting thecomputer:
– The standard clipboard is gone when you restart your computer
– Clipboard keeps all the items (sure, you can turn that off if youwant to)

Installer Size: 7.87 MB

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