Mon. Apr 19th, 2021
HJSplit v3.0 Crack


Software Description: HJSplit v3.0 + Full Crack

HJSplit is a tiny but powerful application thatsplits and joins files of any type.

The software does not need to be installed, so you can simply runthe executable file. Since this makes it portable, you can directlyrun HJSplit from any external device.

The interface is minimalistic, and you can clearly see both rookiesand advanced users can play with HJSplit.

There are four main functions here: split, join, compare, andchecksum.

In order to split a file, you must select the source file, outputdestination, and split file size (in KB or MB).

When joining two or more files, make sure they are all placed inthe same directory, as HJSplit automatically finds them.

For instance, let’s say you have splitted a file into three parts,but only two of them are in the same directory. The joinnerrequests you guide it to the first part. Since the third part isnot located in the same root, the joiner will append “.joined” tothe output file name (which contains only the first and secondpart). But the file itself is unusable without the last part.

The Compare function is very basic. It says whether any twoselected files have the same length or not.

Furthermore, the Checksum function calculates and lets you copy theMD5 checksum of any file you input.

The program uses a small amount of system memory.

The bottom line is that HJSplit is a great tool for splitting andjoining files of any size. It is particularly useful when you needto divide large files in order to store them on external disks, andthe software is certainly a nice alternative to compression tools.It’s also free to use.

Installer Size: 0.213 MB

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