Fri. May 14th, 2021
iMobie AnyTrans v6.3.0.20171222 Crack


Software Description: iMobie AnyTrans v6.3.0.20171222 Keygen Crack

AnyTrans is an utility that provides you with afast and simple means of transferring all kinds of data from yourcomputer to iOS devices.

The process works both ways so you can easily say about AnyTransthat it is a file manager. With it you can even transfer filesdirectly between an iPad and an iPhone in a few simple steps. Andif those steps are somehow unclear, the application provides youwith a ‘iWizard’ feature that guides you through the entiretransfer process.

A great thing about AnyTrans is the fact that it can act as abridge between your iTunes library and your devices. This way, youdon’t have to export the files you want to your PC and thenre-transfer them to the device. You simply choose the file you wantto transfer and then choose the target iOS device.

AnyTrans displays a user-friendly interface with a good lookinggraphic design that makes using it not only easy but also pleasant.The iTunes library and all the connected devices are displayed inindividual tabs, making it easy for you to switch between them.

The content from the devices is shown and organized in categorieswhich you can access and preview, as well as organize as you wish.While transferring files from your computer to an iOS device, youdon’t have to worry about file compatibility issues. All the itemsyou transfer are automatically converted to matching filetypes.

Another use for AnyTrans is that of a backup means. With it you cancreate duplicates of all your files and transfer them from yourdevice to iTunes or the other way around.

In conclusion, AnyTrans is definitely a reliable and practicalsolution if you’re looking for a safe and fast way of transferringfiles between your computer and iOS devices

Installer Size: 80.3 MB

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