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Intelligent Shutdown v3.3.2 Crack


Software Description: Intelligent Shutdown v3.3.2 Crack Serial

Intelligent Shutdown is smart software whichcan automate a variety of tasks at a scheduled time. “Saveelectricity and shutdown your PC when it’s no longer used.” Performsmart automatic shutdown of your PC with the software IntelligentShutdown. You know this situation? You PC works while doing stufflike doing Downloads from the Internet, copy large files or timeintensive calculation. You leave your computer unattended, oftenduring the whole night. Wouldn’t it be better your computer willautomatically switch off after doing the job task? Thats wereIntelligent Shutdown comes up!
It monitors your PC down to a specific condition such as a certainprocessor load, network access, mointors a specified process /program or a given time period. Is the event reached IntelligentShutdown shuts your PC down or brings it into any Power savingmode,like Standby or Hibernation Mode!
So your PC stays off, instead of running useless until the next dayand unnecessarily consumes power. This saves time, protects yourhardware, and increases the life of your PC.
Do not let your computer stay behind, use Intelligent Shutdown tomake your computer also an intelligent computer.

Intelligent Shutdown allow you use these schedule typesto perform a series of tasks including:
– Shutdown computer
– Restart computer
– Log off
– Stand by
– Lock computer
– Close specified program
– Disconnect Dial-up connection
– Hibernate
– Open specified file(include program)
– Close monitor
– Reminder
– Time synchronization
Intelligent Shutdown has 9 schedule typesincluding:
– Countdown: Countdown form 99hours 59minutes 59seconds
– Idle:Perform tasks when computer idle for a specified time
– Running once: Perform tasks one time in one month
– Multi-running (General): Perform routine tasks time aftertime
– Multi-running(advanced): Perform ruleless tasks time aftertime
– Monitor memory: Perform tasks when available physical memory morethan or less than specified KB for specified time
– Monitor CPU: Perform tasks when CPU Usage more than or less thanspecified percent for specified time
– Monitor network: Perform tasks when download or upload more thanor less than specified KB/s for specified time
– Monitor program:Perform tasks when specified program running orclosing for specified time.

Installer Size: 2.78 MB

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