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iTunesFusion v3.0 Crack


Software Description: iTunesFusion v3.0 + Full Crack

Sync iTunes with almost any device! In just a few easy stepsiTunesFusion will let you synchronize any iTunesplaylist(s) with almost any device! You can configure as manydifferent devices as you need and synchronize each one withdifferent iTunes playlists. You can use standard playlists ordynamically updating smart playlists to synchronize your device.iTunesFusion also has built-in support for many differentlanguages! Apple devices, like the iPad, iPod and iPhone need to besynced from inside iTunes directly, they are not supported iniTunesFusion.

iTunes is a very popular software solution among all those whoown one or several iOS devices, as it is the go-to program fortransferring music to their handsets.
This is why many users end up organizing their favorite audiotracks in playlists stored in iTunes, and are faced with no obviousway to export this information to other devices, such as MP3players. iTunesFusion is a third-party utility that aims to fixthis conundrum.

Export your iTunes playlists to other devices
The application installs without any issues and you can startenjoying its functions within seconds once you locate the icon itcreates in the system tray.
It needs to be mentioned that iTunes needs to be running when youlaunch the app, so it goes without saying that you need to have itinstalled on your PC.

Sync Profiles
With iTunesFusion’s Sync profiles, you can set up multiple deviceswith different settings to quickly and easily sync the music youwant to any media device. Customize things like the iTunesplaylists you want, where the music will sync to, and even set upcustom file names.
iTunesFusion (formerly iTunes Sync) makes it easy to sync iTuneswith almost any phone, tablet or MP3 player. Fast and easy to use,with customizable settings for power-users like custom file namingbased on tags.

Smart Sync
iTunesFusion automatically knows what is already on your device andwhat is in each playlist, so it only syncs the media that’s needed.iTunesFusion will also copy the files in alphabetical order, soolder devices will play your files back in the proper order.

File Conversion
iTunesFusion can automatically convert any unprotected music fileto MP3 using its built-in File Conversion feature. Convert(transcode) your files to work on older devices, or to use a lowerbitrate and save space on your device.

Excellent Device Support
Sync to any media device with iTunesFusion’s MTP and USB devicesupport. This includes your Android Phone, Windows Phone,Blackberry, USB key, external hard drive or a newer MP3/MP4player.

Advanced Sync Progress
With iTunesFusion’s progress and device charts, you can keep trackof everything that is happening to your device as you sync.

Installer Size: 3.3 MB

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