Fri. May 14th, 2021
StyleWriter v4.0 Basic Release 2.02 Crack


Software Description: StyleWriter v4.0 Basic Release 2.02 Keygen Serial

StyleWriter is a handy and reliable softwaredesigned to teache you to write in the style of top authors andjournalists by checking your documents for thousands of style andEnglish usage faults. Many times more powerful than any otherwriting aid, StyleWriter improves your writing style instantly

StyleWriter assumes you can write a sentence and doesn’t checkyour grammar as Microsoft Word already offers you this feature.StyleWriter can therefore concentrate on offering you practicaladvice that transforms the way you write.
StyleWriter mimics an expert editor checking, cutting andrearranging your words to produce a clear and readable style.

Here are some key features of “StyleWriter”:
Unique Copy-editing Software:
–  StyleWriter’s editing advice shows you how transform yourwriting into clear, concise and professional writing style.

Unique Jargon Buster:
–  StyleWriter highlights jargon phrases, difficult words andacronyms and abbreviations to help you write in a jargon-freestyle.

Unique Smart-Spell Technology:
–  StyleWriter’s technology finds spelling errors and spellinginconsistencies missed by Microsoft Word and other programs.

Advanced Writing Statistics:
–  StyleWriter uses a revolutionary 200,000 graded wordlist tooffer meaningful statistics and ratings you can use to become abetter writer.

Individual & Corporate Customization:
–  StyleWriter is the only writing aid you can fully customizeto your unique writing needs.

Audience & Task Editing:
–  StyleWriter lets you select from 20 writing tasks and threeaudience types.

Installer Size: 14.6 MB

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