Fri. May 14th, 2021
SuperRam v7.4.30.2018 Crack


Software Description: SuperRam v7.4.30.2018 Full Crack

SuperRam is a Windows software solutiondesigned to boost computer performance by adjusting memory usage,either automatically or manually.

The application has a professional yet easy to use interface thatno only provides an important amount of information regardingcomputer performance, but it also lets you take advantage ofSuperRam’s features quickly.

Basically, the program offers three different tasks, as it follows:set up the application and the way it monitors and optimizesmemory, perform a speed test or access the statistics.

Setting up SuperRam is easy as pie because the applicationdisplays two different sliders to adjust memory to maintain andmemory to free.

As for the speed test, SuperRam tries to determine the small andlarge memory block access speed, it tests alternating small/largememory block access speed and stepped memory block access speedand, in the end, it automatically calculates the final score.

Last but not least, SuperRam shows memory statistics and history,with detailed figures on total and available physical memory andpage file memory.

As said, the application also lets you adjust memory usagemanually, so it’s enough to right click the program icon in theSystem Tray and hit the “Free memory now” option.

SuperRam doesn’t slow down the computer when running in thebackground, and it has a truly positive effect on the performanceof your system whenever it takes care of the memory.

All things considered, it’s no doubt SuperRam is a handy tool,getting along with all Windows versions and quietly sitting in theSystem Tray while optimizing system memory.

Here are some key features of “SuperRam”:
– Optimizes computer memory by freeing wasted memory back to thecomputer.
– Works in the background to free memory to reasonable values tomaintain system stability.
– Visual representation in system tray which displays computermemory available to the system.
– Fully customizable to the settings and preferences youchoose.
– Easy and intuitive user interface which performs memoryoptimization in real-time.

Installer Size: 6.04 MB

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