Mon. Apr 12th, 2021
True Paste v2.1 Business Crack


Software Description: True Paste v2.1 Business + Full Crack

Although text is rather simple in its nature, it can be quite abother to move it around between different applications andwindows, especially if you need to handle multiple instances at thesame time. Furthermore, your overall productivity can be affectedif you always have to manually switch windows and transfer it fromone place to the other.

Create text chunks and quickly paste them betweenapplications
True Paste is a software utility that comes toyour aid, by offering you the possibility to add and save bits oftext that you need to move around often, in order to quickly pastethem into other applications or documents. Despite the fact that itdoes not support any type of formatting, the main strength of theutility is its speed, since it allows you to juggle with a largeamount of text relatively easy.

In order to do so, after you add the desired text chunk, you haveto option to select one of the currently running applications andinstantly paste the contents into the active text area, oralternatively, inside the word processor of your choosing. The textis kept as-is, without any modifications or formatting, except forany additional spaces between rows, which are remain intact.

Add tags and use them to search the text
As you might expect, after you start adding more and more chunks,it can become difficult to sort and find the particular bit you arelooking for. To that effect, True Paste enables you to add tagswhen you first create the text block, so that you can use thebuilt-in search function to quickly jump to the desired chunk.

Moreover, if you are concerned about the safety of your text, theutility allows you to setup a master password for the text, as wellas encrypt it for even more security. That way, in order to makeuse of the saved items, you must provide the appropriate passwordkey and decrypt the text before pasting. Albeit, this might defeatthe purpose of a fast pasting utility, but it can be successfullyused in certain situations that require slightly moreattention.

Installer Size: 5.20 MB

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