Wed. Jun 16th, 2021
VMware Workstation v11.1.2.2780323 x64 Crack


Software Description: VMware Workstation v11.1.2.2780323 x64 Full Crack

VMware Workstation is a powerful virtualmachine software for system administrators and developers who wantto revolutionize software development, deployment and testing intheir enterprise.
Shipping for more than five years and winner of over a dozen majorproduct awards, VMware Workstation enables software developers todevelop and test the most complex networked server-classapplications running on Microsoft Windows, Linux or NetWare all ona single desktop.
Essential features such as virtual networking, live snapshots, dragand drop and shared folders, and PXE support make VMwareWorkstation the most powerful and indispensable tool for enterpriseIT developers and system administrators.
While VMware does not provide technical support for evaluationusers, registered customers of VMware Workstation receive 30 daysof up-and-running technical support including access to our OnlineSupport Request filing system.

Here are some key features of “VMwareWorkstation”:
– Streamline software development and testing operations. Createmultiple development and testing environments as virtual machineson a single PC and use them to test “real world” multi-tierconfigurations, complex networks, and multiple operating systemsand applications all on a single machine.
– Improve team collaboration. The portability andhardware-independent properties of virtual machines, coupled withnew features in VMware Workstation, lets users easily sharedevelopment environments and pre-packaged testing configurationswithout risk, and also facilitates collaboration betweendevelopment and QA.
– Enhance the productivity of IT professionals. Allows systemadministrators and other enterprise IT professionals to testsoftware, including new applications, application updates, andoperating system patches, in virtual machines prior to deploymenton physical PCs or servers in a production environment. IT helpdesk departments can create and reference a virtual library ofend-user configurations to help them resolve problems morequickly.
– Introduce virtual infrastructure to your enterprise. Virtualmachines created in Workstation can be deployed to the otherdesktop and server virtualization platforms offered by VMware.Introducing VMware Workstation virtualization to the desktop is anideal first step to transforming your physical IT infrastructureinto virtual infrastructure.

Installer Size: 299.38 MB

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