Sun. May 9th, 2021
vTask Studio v7.89 Crack


Software Description: vTask Studio v7.89 + Full Crack

vTask Studio is software which allows you toautomate jobs on your computer. You can use vTask Studio to controlthe mouse, keyboard, and other programs. This is done by simpledrag & drop task design — No programming is required!

Popular uses for vTask Studio include software quality assurance(“QA testing”), administrative tasks, or any repetitive job. Put your computer to work for you!

vTask Studio includes all the features you need to automate yourcomputer, such as launching apps, mouse actions, and loops. Ofcourse, it goes beyond the basics, and also includes advancedautomation capabilities such as checkpoints and databasequeries.

However, what really sets vTask apart are its unique features likeimage matching and an integrated EXE compiler. And all of thatfunctionality is contained inside of a program that is only 1megabyte in size! vTask is very efficiently written, somethingwe’re proud of.

vTask uses the text XML format for its files. You can easilymodify the XML text-based format with any editor. Also, XML filesprovide a level of safety – no proprietary binary file formats thatcan’t be read with other programs. Finally, it is easy to query XMLfiles to create reports of your automation scripts for managementor documentation.

Installer Size: 7.29 MB

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