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Win Toolkit v1.6.0.8 + DSIM Installer v1.0.5 Crack


Software Description: Win Toolkit v1.5.3.21 + DSIM Installer v1.0.5 Cracked

Win Toolkit is a compact application designedto help you create your own Windows installation disc. You can useit to personalize your Windows disc with the programs and driversrequired for your computer.

If you are a network administrator who wants to create a Windowsdistribution with a custom set of drivers and applications, youhave come to the right place. The All-In-One Integrator allows youto select a disc image and the WIM file that you want to modify.You can also remove certain components such as the defaultwallpapers or the games folder.

But the Toolkit can also be used by home users that want to have aset of applications available immediately after installing theoperating system. Although the app does not provide you with anydocumentation, the interface is intuitive and easy tounderstand.

The user can use this program to access various resources such asWindows ISO images, updates and Internet browsers that can beintegrated in your installation. These items require an Internetconnection in order to download them and add them to the ISO.

After you have personalized the installation package you can usethe ISO maker to create the disc image. It allows you to customizethe DVD label and the boot type before generating the ISO file.

The advanced users can also use the Toolkit to merge 32-bit with64-bit discs or to create a bootable USB drive. A pre-installationregistry editor is also available if you need to make changes tothe original keys.

A useful feature for the network administrators is the ability tocreate an unattended installation disc by customizing theparameters to preset values. This can save a lot of time when youneed to install the operating system on multiple computers.

Although altering the Windows installation disc can be acomplicated task, this tool can help any user to make changes whilereducing the chance of removing important components. It also savesyou a lot of time required to find various resources such asupdates or language packs.

Here are some key features of “Win Toolkit (formerlyWindows 7 Toolkit)”:
All-In-One Integrator:
– This is the greatest tool in Win Toolkit, it’s let you integrate,Addons, Remove Components, Drivers, Gadgets, Language Packs, EditServices, Silent Installs, SFX, Theme Packs, Tweaks, Updates andWallpapers!

ISO Maker:
– This is what it says on the tin, it creates your ISO file for youto burn! Now supports UEFI!

Win Toolkit Guides:
– A nice direct link to guides on how to use Win Toolkit.

SoLoR SP1 Updates:
– SoLoR works very hard and providing ALL the updates releasedsince Service Pack 1 so he should get credit for this, this littletool lets you easily download his updates which Microsoft hasreleased via Windows Updates but more importantly which Microsofthas also released privately and which are not released via WindowsUpdate.

Windows 7 SP1 ISO:
– Since i prefer my users to use the latest service packs, i haveadded a link to a completely free, legal and official downloadsource to the Windows 7 SP1 DVD. Note, you will still need your ownserial key.

Unattended Creator:
– I’m sure you can guess what this is, this creates an Unattendedfile which you use to install Windows with, just create and makesure you place the new file in the DVD root.

USB Boot Prep:
– Prepares your USB stick so you can install Windows from it,obviously your computer needs to support USB booting!

WIM Manager:
– Manage and edit your install.wim, for example you can renameimages, delete images, add new ones, create ISO, rebuild, mount,unmount, etc… You can also use this tool to integrate yourunattended files.

All-In-One Disk Creator:
– This tool let’s you combine all your WIM files into one DVD, thisis most commonly used is to merge x86 and x64 disks.

Component Removal:
– This program let’s you remove over 100 components which comeswith Windows, some of them are Internet Explorer, IIS, WindowsMedia Player, Sample Pictures, Tablet PC components, etc.

WIM Registry Editor:
– This tool mounts the wim and then it’s registry so you can addyour tweaks into that image!

– Language Pack Converter
– MSP Extractor (MS Office)
– MSU > CAB Converter

Online Installers:
– Driver Installer
– Update Installer

Image Tools:
– SWM Merger
– WIM Splitter
– Capture Image

Other Tools:
– Addon Maker
– CAB Retriever

Installer Size: 4.0+ 3.0 MB

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