Wed. May 19th, 2021
WinZip Courier v7.0 Crack


Software Description: WinZip Courier v7.0 + Full Crack

WinZip Courier will helpyou automatically reduce the size of your email attachmentsand ensure their confidentiality. With state-of-the-art filecompression and encryption technology, Courier delivers the powerof WinZip where it’s needed most – your email system.

This easy-to-use tool seamlessly integrates with your emailapplication to automatically zip and protect outgoing files as youwork. Simply write your email, attach your files, and click Send -Courier does the rest!

Because it works behind the scenes with your system, Couriertakes the worry and frustration out of emailing attachments withoutadding any unnecessary steps. Courier automatically compresses yourattachments into a single, small package before sending your email- all without any additional clicks!

What’s more, you can preview the contents of zipped emailattachments directly in the Outlook preview pane. Courier’s newpreview functionality lets you see what’s inside a Zip fileattachment using a simple tree view.

You can also double-click on a displayed file to launch itsassociated application for viewing, editing, or saving – all in oneeasy step! If you want to email a document, spreadsheet orpresentation directly from Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint,Courier will zip and send these files without leaving theapplication or interrupting your workflow.
Sending confidential information? Email messages can be easilyintercepted as they skip across multiple routers, switches, andservers to reach their final destinations, putting any attachedfiles at risk. Use Courier’s 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption topassword-protect your attachments from unauthorized access.

Courier combines strong encryption with temporary filewiping/shredding to ensure the security of attachments shared overemail. Harness the power of WinZip and start sending smaller, saferemail – automatically!

Here are some key features of “WinZip Courier”:
– Easily zip attachments when sending Outlook e-mail messages
– Conserve space in your Outlook mailbox
– Save disk space
– Save transmission time
– Protect sensitive attachments with encryption
– Easy-to-use; just install it and it is ready to work for you

Installer Size: 49.2 MB

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