Sun. May 9th, 2021
Antenna Web Design Studio v6.51 Crack


Software Description: Antenna Web Design Studio v6.51 Keygen Serial

Antenna Web Design Studio enables you to designand develop great looking professional web sites rapidly – withoutany coding or HTML knowledge. Using transparent layers, masterpages and pixel accurate positioning, Antenna makes web sitebuilding a visual experience – more like using an art or desktoppublishing package, instead of programming. Now you can concentrateon aesthetics and design – instead of spending hours just trying tomake your HTML code work – have fun and make your site lookstunning!

Here are some key features of “Antenna Web DesignStudio”:

Visual editor for Rapid Site Development:
– Drag and drop WYSIWYG – Pixel Accurate. Position items exactlywhere you want them to be. Customisable ‘snap-to-grid’ facility foreasy object alignment.

Powerful Graphics Capabilities built in:
– Make professional web galleries of your digital photos with thePhoto Gallery creator. Create high-quality button graphics andgradients with Antenna’s integrated Button and Gradient Labutilities – all built in, no extra software required.

Full Layers System with Layer Transparency:
– You can build your web pages in layers, place related items onthe same layer, add new layers, overlap items and change layeropacity for translucent effects.

Include Pages:
– Include any page as a layer on any other page. A real time saverwhen you need the same items to appear on many pages – and anychanges are reflected instantly across all other pages!

Design with Style – CSS Styles Editor builtin:
– Perfect your look, and make sweeping visual changes across thewhole site quickly and simply.

Rollover Buttons and Special FX:
– Shadows, motion blur, neon, water – all done visually, no HTMLcoding required.

Add Audio and Video to your web pages:
– Supports AVI, MPEG, QuickTime and Flash.

Object Properties Palette:
– No need for complex modal dialog boxes – modify items using afloating palette and see the results instantly. Very quick – onceyou know how to customise one type of object, you know how tocustomise them all.

Single File Project:
– A website is saved as a single file on disk – very easy tomanage. Organise your web and move files around at any time withouthaving to worry about broken links – Antenna keeps links updatedautomatically.

Integrated FTP Publisher:
– No need for additional publishing software. Antenna’s built inpublisher includes a ‘Publish Changes Only’ option for rapid siteupdates.

Multiple Languages – Site Localisation:
– All text and image objects support the facility to change theircontent based on language – so you can easily create and maintainmultilingual sites from a single design.

Custom HTML:
– Advanced users can add custom HTML code and Javascript, and evencreate completely new object types using Antenna’s HTML pluginsystem.

Installer Size: ~
10 MB

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