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WebAcappella E-Commerce v4.6.24 Crack


Software Description: WebAcappella E-Commerce v4.6.24 + Full Crack

Web pages are the main elements that keep the Internet alive.Depending on the provided service, these can be found in variousstyles, each trying to impress through originality and keep youreyes glued to the screen as much as they can. Computer applicationslike WebAcappella give you the possibility tocreate your own unique page from scratch without the need of anycoding.

Get inspired by design templates
When running the application for the first time, you are askedwhether or not you want to choose one of the templates put at yourdisposal. Doing so unveils several example web pages organized incategories found in a side panel.

These range from shop designs, to art and business, thus havinga large area of coverage. You can change your mind anytime andstart from scratch. Every element is placed manually, tools beingavailable to create buttons, links, insert objects and each withcustom properties.

Move objects around and preview your work
Regardless of your choice, you are given access to a variety ofcreating and customizing tools. The interface is friendly enough tooffer quick access to everything you need, so you don’t get lostlooking for important functions.
Every button and picture, text field or frame can freely be movedaround the workspace by using your mouse. Selecting an elementbrings up a floating properties window where in depth customizationoptions are found.

Created web pages are displayed in a list on a side panel so youcan quickly access them and modify or adjust any inconveniences. A“Preview” button opens up your default web browser to give you aglimpse of what the project looks like to the end user.
To end with
All in all, WebAcappella is an easy to use application accessibleto anyone that wishes to create a unique web page. A decenttemplate library gives you a kick-start while available tools makesure the result is worth it.

Here are some key Features of “WebAcappella”:
– Layers, rulers, color markers: everything to make the creation ofyour website easier
– Use the Google Web Fonts and give a personal touch to yourWebsite
– New slide show presentation and management of your Flickr photoalbums.
– PHOTO ALBUM: Create very original shapes with the customcorners.
– CUSTOM CORNERS: The design and ergonomics have been reviewed fora professional presentation.
– E-COMMERCE: Automatically convert your favorite fonts intoimage

Still 100% subscription and commitment-free, enjoy professionalfeatures to help you sell your products and to make your servicesand creations (music, videos, photos, etc) available to download.All you need to make your online store a success!

A proven e-commerce solution, the leader in Europe
To allow you to create a store that’s code-free and 100% personal,WebAcappella has included the e-commerce solution Prestashop in itsinterface.

Your hosting provider should include the following technology at aminimum:
– PHP 5.1 or higher
– MySQL 5.1 or higher (preferably InnoDB)
We recommend LINUX host, Apache Web Server 1.3 or higher; at least1 GB of RAM (for dedicated servers) and 64 Mo of main RAM(MySQL).
Some hosting providers will propose by default to a safe modeconfiguration of the server which is very restrictive. Thisconstraint can be disabled upon request to their technicalservice.
Contact your hosting provider for more information on theseconditions.

Features “E-Commerce Edition” :
– Referral programme
– Recently viewed products
– Coupons/discount coupons

– Graphical reports
– Visitors tracking
– Client profiles (top clients, age, orders, and so on…)
– Catalog statistics
– Order and sales monitoring
– Geolocalization

– Database back-up
– IP verification cookie
– Permissions management
– SSL certification
– PCI Compliant
– Encrypted passwords and cookies

– Administration Permissions and Users
– Back-office translations
– Customize logos on an Invoice

– Full-featured client account
– Returns management
– Centralized After-Sales Service
– Choice of secure payment options
– Unlimited currencies
– Pre-configured tax calculation by country or state

– Delivery charges based on order cost or weight
– Separate billing and delivery addresses
– Unlimited shipping agents and countries

– Order as guest

– Personalized URLs
– Google Site Map
– Product and category Meta descriptions
– Simplified URL based on product name
– Title Meta Tag per product

– Real-time product quantity availability
– Zoom option
– Add to wish list
– Customer reviews
– Email to a friend

– Advanced stock management
– Unlimited products, categories and descriptions
– Multiple images per product
– Sale of downloadable digital products
– Automatic Site Map management

Installer Size: 83.04 MB

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